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Choosing to replace your home’s exterior with siding is an important decision. Hoover Contracting's siding experts will have your house looking like a brand new home!

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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding requires little or no maintenance. That translates into less time spent on the exterior of your house, and more time relaxing and enjoying life. Vinyl siding never needs painting and holds color more than twice as long as other siding choices. That means you can break the cycle of scraping and painting your home every few years.
Insulated siding adds an extra layer between the elements and your home. That means wind and cold can be stopped, helping to keep your family more comfortable and reducing monthly energy bills. Siding also adds value to your home by giving it better “curb appeal.”

Metal Siding

Metal siding requires very little attention once it is properly installed. It holds up especially well in midwestern climates where we can have severe winters. Snow, sleet, frost, rain and wind have very little effect on metal. Metal also does not absorb moisture or promote the growth of mold or fungus, both of which can destroy a home’s framing and can make people sick. Insects don’t like steel siding, either, eliminating problems of infestation and damage from birds looking for a food source.
Metal siding, by virtue of the material’s thickness and strength, resists damage from most hail, flying debris and other impacts. Also, metal siding is almost impervious to fire damage. For homeowners who want to go green, steel is a great choice because it is recyclable.

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