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Americans finance homes, automobiles, college tuition. It only makes sense to finance your roof.

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Roofs can be expensive, use our financing options to keep your money in your pocket.

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Financing Options

Select an option that best fits your financing needs. Choose your downpayment and loan length.

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Our Lender Service Finance is powered by Payzerware. Which gives you a fast, safe, and easy way to apply. Be confident that your information is secure.

Roof Now, Pay Later

HCI will contact you about your project immediately. In most cases, the roof will be installed before the first payment.


All labor and materials purchased through financing have the same great guarantee as non-financing.

Our Financing Partner

Payzer is an online financing tool used by thousands of businesses and customers all across the USA. Safely and securely, Payzer searches and prioritizes loan applications through various Fortune-500 lenders to give you the best financing options available.

• Paperless applications on mobile or desktop
• Credit decisions in one minute with 1 – 2 day settlement
• Offer homeowners financing up to $100,000
• Multiple first and second look lenders

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Building the Future

The construction industry has grown from the days of handwritten estimates and checks. As we move into the future, Hoover Contracting Inc. is constantly learning and striving for complete customer satisfaction. Through our efforts we have given our customers online financing and payment options, digital estimates, eco friendly materials, and more.

Join us as we spearhead the movement of our industry into the future of construction and customer interaction. Building the future, better, for professional and customer alike!