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Spring is Coming!


Is your home ready for April showers? Spring will be here before you know it!
Spring time always brings rain and thunderstorms. A small leak or damaged shingle can turn into a big mess if not properly assessed and fixed.

Spring sees a lot of new plant growth, while older leaves or needles may still be trapped on rooftops from last fall. The combination can create a lot of matted debris in gutters and on low-sloping rooftops that trap moisture for long period of time. Meanwhile, shingles already bombarded by winter weather (which can include damaging winds and ice), now have to deal with a deluge of spring rainstorms. It’s no surprise, then, that moisture damage is a common cause of spring roof issues. That’s why it’s so important to quickly repair any roof problems.

Many building materials contract slightly in the cold and expand slightly in the heat. For more delicate materials, this can cause problems over time. We see sealants, which protect rooftop flashing, crack and warp until gaps form. This separation allows water to sneak in and damage the flashing even more. The problem here is that sealants are difficult to examine unless you get up close to roofing materials, which is why a professional inspection may be a good idea for older roofs in the spring. Call the roofing experts at Hoover Contracting Inc. to get your roof inspected today.