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Whether you’re mulling a roof for a new home, an existing roof repair or a complete roof replacement, Hoover Contracting Inc. has you covered. Working with professional contractors is the first step toward understanding your roofing options and finding the best fit.

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Gutter Systems

We offer 5 and 6 inch seamless gutters. The extra inches do matter when it comes to a gutter’s ability to do its job. Larger rain gutters have a larger capacity to handle the rainwater and leaf debris that flow through it. This means less risk of clogging and better protection against water damage, especially when those heavy storms hit. If you have a lot of surface area to your roof and/or a steep pitch, then large rain gutters are particularly recommended. Some roof layouts are more complicated than others depending on the size and type of the house build. If you need a custom gutter system, then larger gutters are going to not only fit better, but also perform better.

Why seamless gutters? Seamless gutters have less joints, they don’t accumulate as much debris as sectional gutters do. They are also less attractive to little critters looking for a home. This all leads to less time spent cleaning and maintaining your seamless gutter system. Anytime a gutter has a joint where two sections meet, there is the possibility of leakage problems. These joints can widen from each other. Holes can form. Rust can begin to take over. Seamless gutters have less joints and, therefore, less leaks and rust Each seamless gutter system is custom-fashioned for each unique property, homeowners are guaranteed a perfect fit… every time.

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