Winter is coming!

Is your roof ready for this winter?

Winter Warning Signs Ice built up on roof that causes major roof repairNow that you’ve examined your roof and contemplated any roof repair that may need to be completed before winter arrives, it’s also ideal to think about how winter can damage your roof. These tips are designed to help you prepare for potential damage that snow and ice can cause to your roof. This is so you can look ahead and be ready to fix things ahead of the next season:
Ice Dam Formation Warm air rising from your house in the winter can lead to ice dam formation. Snow melts and refreezes, turning it into ice. It then melts again, making its way as water into your home. Interior water damage is not something any homeowner wants!
Icicle Formation The formation of icicles operates using the same principle as the ice dam formation. They can cause serious damage to gutters and shingles due to the weight and pressure they place on the materials.
Heavy Snow Heavy snowfalls can be very detrimental to a roof. Different roofs are designed to bear different weights, and snow can be very heavy. This means that if there are any weak spots on your roof, heavy snowfalls can actually lead to a potential roof collapse.
Attic Condensation Your attic and roof both affect one another, so it’s essential to examine both throughout the harsh weather. During snow, your attic will be particularly vulnerable to excessive condensation when it melts.

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It’s true that winter brings the harshest weather, but it is essential to keep your roof maintained all year round. There are many ways to maintain your roof that are cheap and easy. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that you and your family can quite literally keep a roof over your head. You can do this by simply performing a total evaluation of your roof, clearing away debris consistently, removing moss, conducting attics checkups, and scheduling regular maintenance with a professional roof repair contractor. Once you consider the fact that hurricanes and other extremely harsh weather conditions impact Americans often, there is simply no excuse for neglecting your roof or a roof repair. This means that even when the weather is mild, you should always be thinking ahead. Avoid dangers to your home’s roof by maintaining it regularly and hiring a professional roof repair contractor to help you keep your home protected.